Email Campaigns

Before you send your first campaign a couple of items will need to be set up in Brain CRM Click here for instructions
Once the initial setup is complete you're ready to start. 
Go to BRAIN | Campaigns.
When you open Campaigns, the following screen displays.

Campaign Screen

A list of  the campaigns you have created will appear on this screen. To select a campaign click on the pencil icon (Edit) to the left of the campaign description. To create a new campaign, click on the green plus sign. 

Campaign Screen

The Main screen has these options:

  • Description - Enter the name of your campaign.
  • Type - Select the type of campaign you want.  Email, Print, or Print and Email
  • Opt In Field - Select the Opt In field from the drop down. Users whose opt in field is set to "True" & "Not Set" will receive the campaign. Users set to "False" will not receive the campaign.
  • Project Id - Enter the Project ID number, if you do not enter a project ID one will be auto generated for you.
  • Link Source - Source or referrer, typically your company name. (required if you are tracking with LINKIDs)
  • Link Medium - How the click was delivered, typically email
  • Link Campaign - This is the name of the campaign so you can analyze different campaigns. (required if you are tracking with LINKIDs)
  • Include Related Contacts - When you add a Group to the campaign Any User or Organization that has been assigned to that Group will be added to the campaign. If you check Include Related Contacts every relationship associated with that contact will also be added to the campaign. Include Related Contacts applies to the entire campaign, not just 1 Group. (optional)
  • Groups
    • Add Group - Select a contact group you wish to include or exclude from this campaign.  This will act as a second layer filter from the opt in field.
    • Include/Exclude - Although the members of this group may be included in the opt in field, you can exclude groups by selecting exclude from the drop down.
    • Click Add (the green plus sign)
  • Contacts - Number of contacts who were sent emails or added to print campaign (after the campaign has ran).  Click on the pencil to view or export the list.

Next, click on Email Layout at the top.  You will be taken to the page below:

Email template screen

The screen has the following options:

  • Email Template (optional) -  Select email template to be used for campaign. Directly to the right of this drop down is a Copy button. After you select a new template for use, click copy button to load the new template.
  • FROM:- Set to the specific From Email you want to use or Leave blank to use the default address from Email from Global Settings | Default Settings.
  • CC: - Enter email address if you want somebody to receive a copy.
  • BCC: - Enter email address if you want somebody to receive a blind copy.
  • Subject - Email subject line.
  • Editor - Full HTML editor for email.
Finally, you'll want to send yourself a test email and then set up the campaign to be sent out by Job Master.
  • Send Test Email - (Envelope icon w/ ?) Sends the email as displayed in the editor to the email on file for the user editing the template.
  • Create Job to Send Email Campaign - (Envelope icon w/ green arrow) This does exactly what it says it does.
    • Enter the date & time that you want the email sent.
    • Save (Green Checkmark)
    • Job Master must be running for email campaign to be sent.
    • You can monitor the job set up to send the campaign at System Management | Jobs
    • When the job is complete, you will be sent a Task to notify you (tied to the Project ID you assigned to the campaign).