New Features

Thursday October 01 2015

This branch has the following features implemented: 
1469517 - Merge / Purge Contact Records
This new feature is intended for use with our BRAIN CRM module and allows you to select 2 contacts, merge all of the information into one, and delete the other.
4760963 - Pick to Order system
Using a Motorola MC9000 series handheld barcode scanner, an order can be completely generated against your database on that scanner without having to use Customer Service.
4934990 - Physical Count Inventory By Hand-held Barcode Scanner
You can now conduct a physical count inventory with a Motorola MC9000 series handheld barcode scanner. This supports both the trigger/click to add quantity as well as trigger/click to add line, then manually key in quantity.
4936270 - Sage 100 Integration
As of this build, BirdDog can now be synchronized with the Sage 100 (previously known as MAS-90) A/R, A/P and G/L modules. An order can be completely generated in BirdDog and synced down to Sage 100.
6190586 - New Drag & Drop Interface for Webcategories
Structural browser coding changes rendered our old web category drag and drop unsuable. As a result, we were forced to completely redesign it.
6269408 - Remove Credit Card Information
Adjust checkout page logic. Now, if Enable Credit Card is checked in Site Settings, it will always be an option for a customer during checkout, even if they already have a specific terms code.
6341457 - Add ability to create new customer from order entry
With this new feature, a customer can be created from the Enter Order screen without having to navigate to another page.
6467260 - Post Credit Memo should handle Serial / Lot Master not existing
You are now able to do a credit memo on a Serial / Lot that doesn't currently exist or for one that has never existed in the system. The new Serial / Lot will be created when the order is placed.
6566070 - Create Order has Comments trigger
This is a new Order Rule trigger that will fire if an order is placed where the Order Header Comments are not blank.
6750996 - Create process to validate Item / Location Qty On Order
New Job that will validate the Item / Location Quantity On Order against open Purchase Orders and Production Orders. Has the ability to notify a user of any issues and correct them if desired.
6800886 - Create Restrict Ship Via Codes Result
This is a new Order Rule result that allows you to restrict ship via codes according to the criteria you set up. So, for example, you can use it to ensure that orders going to Canada use only a specific ship via while those going to the United States use a completely different group of shipping methods. Customers will not have an option to select invalid shipping methods on the checkout page as this order rule will show only those appropriate to the Shipping Location.
7284565 - Update Purge Tables job to purge Backup Tables
The purge table job will now drop old table backups such as IMINVLOC_SQLold20100128, trigger audit tables like BDTriggerAuditBDSitesold20150625, and old audit tables like BDCountriesauditold20110228. A date range must be specified - tables older than 180 days, for example - and all tables in your SQL database are valid targets of this purge, not just the examples shown here providung they utilize the format we use in the Backup and Restore FAQ.