This section in Enterprise allows you to add Users or edit User information.

To check if a User exists in the database, you have two options.
1.  By Login ID for User.
2.  By Customer Number.

If you are adding a User, simply click on Add New at the bottom left of the above window. Fill out the appropriate information, with Login ID generally being the User's email address. You can assign this user a password that they can change when they login for the first time.
Make sure to click on the User Type drop-down and select the appropriate type from the list (Customer, Rep, Employee, Company.)
If this user already has a Macola customer assigned to them, click on that tab, input their customer # in the field, and click on Add (See below). If no Macola customer exists yet, don't worry - when they login and buy something, the website will automatically create a Macola customer for you.
Now click on the Roles tab. Assign the new user the appropriate Role by clicking on it and hitting Add.

Hit Save. Your new user is complete!

By clicking on the Search Button, you will get the screen below.  Here you can search by setting filters.