Bug Fixes: Version - Released 7 June 2017

Wednesday June 07 2017

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 

All bug fixes from have been integrated into this build.

6638283 - Stock Status Report Not Pulling Items It Should
Fixed errors in filtering logic.
7992399 - Free Freight Order Rule Applies Freight in Interface Shipping
In this scenario, if you used an Order Rule to give Free Freight for the order and then ran Interface Shipping in Enterprise for Windows, the freight charge was being added back to the order if the "Select for Billing" box is checked.
8489960 - Web Manager - Save & View Not Working
While this particular issue was due to bad data, specifically when a filename being used on the document layout did not exist, the site was behaving badly.
8674405 - Problem Adding and Loading Contact Name from cicntp Table
When creating a new customer, the contact name did not get saved in the cicntp table for the newly created table entry. Related, when a customer went to Account > Update Billing Information, the "Contact Name" text box did not get loaded with the contact's name from the cicntp table and if you "saved" the page without reloading the contact name, the name got deleted in the cicntp table.
8689997 - Saved Carts Loading Slowly
Having very large saved carts of 100 items or more was causing extremely long loading times. We've streamlined that somewhat.
8918709 - Enterprise for Windows Cannot Connect to Database from Workstation
Improved error messages when unable to connect Enterprise for Windows to a database.
8962664 - JavaScript Code Added to HTML
Fixed javascript that was being injected between the HEAD and BODY tags incorrectly. Is now inside the BODY tags like it is supposed to be.
9097535 - Web Editor Layout DDL Has Unavailable Category Pages
The selections in the Layout DDL (Web Editor > Page Info tab) did not match the Categories pages that are actually available.
9119243 - Job Master Errors Need DB Info Added
This was only a real issue if your Job Master config file pointed to multiple databases. Now, if an error log is generated, it also tells you which database threw the error.
9129548 - Bad links on Categories17
The subcategory links shown were showing ugly-looking GUIDs instead of their page codes in the URL.
9478603 - MSRP Not Showing on Item Page
If the customer's price was less than the Item/Location price, both prices were not correctly showing on the item page like they were supposed to.