Preliminary Set Up for Email Campaigns

Before you send your first campaign a couple of items to be set up in Brain CRM.
  • Create an email Opt In field
  • Set up a Group(s) to segment your Users and target your campaigns
The items above are a one time setup. Once they are created you are ready to begin creating campaigns!
Create Opt In Field
  • Go to System Management | Fields
  • Click on "New"
  • Group = "User"
  • Field = Typically "Email List"
  • Data type = "Tristate Value" (by selecting 'Tristate Value' new users will automatically be included in email list and must opt out to be removed from mailing list)
  • Save
Create Group
  • Go to BRAIN | Setup | Groups
  • Click "Add"
  • Description = Enter a name you want for this group
  • Smart Groups
    • Unchecked - Users will only be added to the group through manual methods
    • Checked - Users will be automatically be added to the group on the fly using parameters set
  • Save
 Populating Groups (There are several ways to do this)
  •  BRAIN | Setup | Manage Groups
    • Use this to manually add user to group
    • Search for User(s) you want to add
    • Select "Group to Import to"
    • Click Add
  • BRAIN | Setup | Import Contact To Groups
    • This does an import of a CSV file that has the User & the Group (both must exist)
    • Create your CSV file according to instructions on the page
    • Enter location of file
    • Click "Upload"
  • BRAIN | Setup | Import Contacts
    • This is like the one above, except it can create contacts on the fly and requires a lot more data