Version - Released 17 Mar 2015

Wednesday March 18 2015


This build has the following features implemented:

  • 224987 - Add Ability to Target by Geography
    • This minor feature allows you to add new contacts according to their address using the Group Builder with the BRAIN module.

This build has the following bug fixes:

  • 6380180 - Invalid Entity Type When Importing Fields with Web Category Entity
    • This resolves an import error we were observing that was occurring only when the entity type was set to Web Category.
  • 6655299 - Country Columbia Won't Rate USPS Freight
    • When attempting to rate freight to Columbia, the US Postal Service was returning an Invalid Country Name error. This has been resolved.
  • 6341511 - Getting Site Error While Changing/Setting Customer
    • While not a consistent error, on occasion, we would see a site crash when switching between customers (using Change Customer). As of this build, this error has been fixed.
  • 6407466 - Job Master Not Logging Start of Process
    • Prior to this build, Job Master was no longer writing log entries to the database when a job was run. Additionally, it was not logging when Job Master actually started (or if it was not starting for some reason.) We've resolved that issue.
  • 6808119 - On-Page Documentation Needed for Deliver for Process Orders
    • Deliver Order was a newer addition to the Process Orders page and on-page documentation needed to be added.
  • 6740007 - Add Item Popup on PurchaseOrderEdit.aspx Lavel is Wrong
    • This resolves a label naming error.
  • 6738271 - Qty Does Not Line Up on Checkout for Items Without Images
    • On the Checkout page, items that did not have images were not lining up correctly in the totals box. All of the data was there correctly, but it looked odd. This is now fixed.
  • 6635554 - Changing Price Code Cost Type in Global Settings Doesn't Save
    • Adjusting the price code cost type on the website was proving to be difficult with this bug; the information could be changed manually in the database with no problem but the web software was not correctly saving these changes until this fix.
  • 6421684 - Website Crash on Revision From Version 9.1 to 9.6
    • During an upgrade from v9.1 to 9.6, the website software was not handling a change in column names or numbers well, which was resulting in a crash and an inability to move forward until the database was manually altered.