New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11155041 - BD Item Location Support Loc Column Too Short
The M1 ERP required us to adjust the size of this column for use with the BirdDog Connector Sub-System. This change prompted the version change to 9.9.6.
11321494 - Remove DART SMTP Provider
Removal of a legacy component. Part of our move towards supporting .Net Core and Docker.
11556192 - Email Completed Import Results With Verbosity Setting
Significant coding enhancements to how certain jobs report results. If you have a BRAIN license and use that functionality, the job will now always send a task. We also added a verbosity setting that allow you to establish when emails are sent - All (notification on every run, regardless of activity); Activity (notification only when something is actually imported); Errors (notification only when there is an error); or None (which is pretty self-explanatory.) This works on the following jobs: Autoship, Commit Sales Tax, Membership Renewal, Post Sales Tax, Process Open Orders, Process Page Hits, and Process Purchased Documents.