Bug Fixes - Version 10.3.32 - Released 3 June 2020

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
10889613 - Changing the Sign on an Existing Order Line Messes up the Allocation Record
When an order is created with a line item that has a negative quantity (which is how some people like to handle credit memos or returns), our system was not allowing the order to be posted.
10963103 - Order History Date Control Not Formatted Correctly
Date control button on the Order History page was below the start and end date when it was supposed to be to the right of the Start/End date.
11017387 - Cat27 Page Throws Error
A bug was introduced into this category page in a previous build which caused the site to crash when you navigated to a page using it.
11081982 - Accounts Receivable Terms Code Too Short
Using the BirdDog Connector Sub-System against the M1 ERP, we discovered that our default AR terms code was too short; we were presuming 3, M1 was presuming 5. Now, we presume 5.
11351799 - Sage Connector Gives Warning for Every Older Order That It Will Not Be Downloading
This is a reporting improvement to 11290418-Don't Download Orders Unless They Are Marked Send to Service Pro" which was released in Orders that aren't downloaded will no longer be reported as a warning and are, in fact, ignored altogether since it could take a lot of time to go through older orders.
11476271 - Allow Changing Of Ship To Address Not Working Properly
When you unchecked the "Allow Changing Of Ship To Address" in Site Settings, it also turned off the Shipping Method info on the Checkout page.