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Bug Fixes: Version - Released 25 Feb 2015

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
  • 4549976 - Meta Tag Text Not Displaying in Item Edit
    • Information added to the meta tags were successfully being written to the database, but were not showing on the Item Edit page.
  • 6176767 - Convert Lines Threshold Sorting to a Filter on Suggested Purchases/Create PO
    • This is simply a modification of existing code to streamline how the sorting filter works on the Suggested Purchases and Create POs pages.
  • 6523057 - Update Freight Account to Allow Freight Price Range to End Before 150lb
    • When editing freight price ranges, you are no longer required to pad out to 150 lbs. This brings the freight module more in line with certain shipping options that have cut-off weights; this was specifically designed to support US Post Office freight ranges better.
  • 6537243 - Ordered By Object Being Cleared Incorrectly
    • Prior to this build, the Ordered By field would sometimes populate incorrectly with data from a previous customer, but only in certain scenarios (new customer did not have certain data in the system). We have resolved this issue.
  • 6598067 - Site Won't Start if LastLicenseCheck Setting Doesn't Exist
    • Before this change, a new site would not start if the LastLicenseCheck field in the BDSettings table did not exist.
  • 6578555 - Handle Full Text Search Not Installed Better
    • In previous iterations of the software, not having Full Text Search installed on Microsoft SQL did not allow the web site to start. We have added code that handles this better. Full Text Search is still required for many of the searches, but will no longer keep the web site from starting.