Upgrade Notes

  • Requires .Net 4.5 be installed. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653
  • Requires new Infragistics DLLs. Must delete old ones first. K:\Infragistics\Bin\2011.1\CLR4.0
  • In IIS, edit the Application pool for the site so it runs in .NET Framework v4.x, then recycle that application pool
  • Remove all BirdDogSoftware.Globe.* files
  • If upgrading from 9.1, it will need to be at least version, if upgrading from 9.5, it will need to be at least version
  • A Customer's Default Freight Pay Code can now be NULL in BDCustomerSupport, meaning not set. In previous versions blank meant not set. This caused issues for customers where blank was a valid freight pay code. We recommend verifying that blank is not a valid freight pay code in your system (System Manager | Freight | Freight Pay Codes) and, if it is not, running the following query: update BDCustomerSupport SET Freight_Pay_Code_Default = NULL where Freight_Pay_Code_Default=''