How do I update an Order with custom values


BirdDog eCommerce allows you to easily make changes to an Order, just before it is written to Macola using the UpdateOrder routine.  This routine hands in an Order object of type IOrder.  Using the following syntax you can set User Defined Field 1 on the Order to the value of a Drop Down List you passed on the page.

Create the following Drop Down List on the CheckOut.Aspx page:

    <asp:DropDownList runat="server" ID="MyCustomDropDownList">

        <asp:ListItem Value="Value1" Text="Display Text 1" Selected="true"></asp:ListItem>

        <asp:ListItem Value="Value2" Text="Display Text 2"></asp:ListItem>

        <asp:ListItem Value="Value3" Text="Display Text 3"></asp:ListItem>


This Drop Down List will show 3 values (Display Text 1-3) with Display Text 1 being selected by default.

Create the following routine after the <script runat="server"> tag at the top of the page:

    Protected Overrides Sub UpdateOrder(ByVal Order As BirdDogSoftware.Interfaces.IOrder)

        With Order

            .User_Field_1 = MyCustomDropDownList.Text

        End With

    End Sub

This routine will write 'Display Text 1' into User Defined Field 1 on the Order.  If you instead wrote:

    .User_Field_1 = MyCustomDropDownList.Value

The routine would write 'Value1' into User Defined Field 1.