New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
11008096 - Connector Linkage for Sales Order Line is Missing Sage Line Number
Made improvements to error reporting having to do with Sage Sales Order Line linkages when using the BirdDog Connector Sub-System against that ERP.
11746194 - Update the Shopify Connector to Map the Payment Method on the Shopify Order to the Terms Code on the Macola Order
Enhanced the Shopify Connector to automatically create a linkage between the Shopify payment type and the default terms code from the Shopify connector setup screen. This allows users to change the terms code on the linkage allowing for different terms code per Shopify payment type. Because this is going to be done so infrequently, there is no user interface to handle this and it must be accomplished using queries. Instructions forthcoming.
11746225 - Add Mapping Between a Terms Code and a Cash Account
Added Default Cash Account to (web) System Management | Accounts Receivable | Terms Code and (Enterprise for Windows) Maintain | Setup | Terms Codes; updated process so that when a payment is applied to an open order if a cash account is not specified, then it will look to see if one has been set on the order's terms; if not then it will use the default cash account from Accounts Receivable that it always has.
11825740 - Add Notification That Cached Site Setting No Longer Matches the Saved Site Setting
We were constantly having to guess whether the cached site setting matches what is saved; now, if a change is made to Site Settings anywhere - in Enterprise for Windows, the website or directly via the database - when navigating to the Maintain Sites page, a message is immediately present, advising you to reload site settings.