Say goodbye to sales tax certificate compliance headaches!

Integrate your ERP platform with sophisticated sales tax certificate management. Acquiring, storing, and managing sales tax certificates is now a thing of the past! Using Avalara's CertCapture product along with the BirdDog CertCapture Connector you can completely automate the acquisition and management of tax-exempt customers added to your system. Simply create a new customer the way you always have and mark them as tax-exempt. BirdDog will automatically upload the new customer to Avalara's and send a sales tax exemption certificate request. Sales tax will be charged to the customer until they have supplied the appropriate documents. You can require approval or allow the certificates to automatically post to support self serve ecommerce scenarios.


  • Synchronization of your tax-exempt customers to Avalara's CertCapture
  • Automatic and on-demand requests for new sales tax exemption certificates
  • Automatic requests for expiring sales tax exemption certificates
  • Complete integration with Avalara's AvaTax for "end-to-end" automated sales tax and certificate compliance

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