B2B & B2C Solution


Business to Business (B2B) versus Business to Consumer (B2C) . . . is there really a distinction?

For your company, the answer may be yes, it may be no, or it may be that you need both. BirdDog eCommerce creates the flexibility to design your site to support your unique requirements for both B2B and B2C software solutions. Portals for your eCommerce website need secured access for your dealers and other areas need to be open to the public to browse and shop different products.

Being able to distinguish between vendors and customers in real time scenarios is essential to doing business on the web.

Certainly you will want to provide a safe and secure method of payment, recording of private credit card and billing information and a history of customer activity and transactions. Being able to select which portals are restricted and which are public is a key part of integrated software systems and will allow you to establish trust and confidence with both your business vendors and customers. Whether you're dealing with a vendor or a customer your relationship building requires an attention to detail, the ability to listen to their needs and concerns and the ability to provide effective integrated software solutions that will improve the way business is conducted.