Business is moving at an astounding rate.

Two decades ago a printed catalog and a phone number would put you in business taking orders and shipping them out in a few days. Just a decade ago, putting up a web site with a little information and a "call now to order" tag line was good enough. Today, that world is gone. Customers expect a seamless experience across locations, devices, and time. Customers are demanding the ability to order on-line, be able to call in and add to their order, and then walk in to your retail store and exchange the item for something else. Disconnected and disjointed systems make no sense to the customer and leave them unhappy and frustrated.

On top of that, expectations on availability are through the roof. The concept of a back order makes no sense to customers and leaves them angry, wondering why they offered it in the first place. Customers' expectations are so high in this area that many marketplaces, such as Google Product Search or Amazon, won't show out of stock items or, at least, will penalize you heavily for back ordering a customer's order.

Expectations on delivery are at an all time high as well. Shipping in two or three days is unacceptable. When an order is placed with two-day shipping the expectation is I'll get it in two days, not five. Customers are frustrated when an order is placed in the afternoon and not shipped the same day.

Today you have to deliver to a customer what they want, when they want it. If you don't, someone else will. This requires a system that can efficiently manage products from demand, through purchasing, warehousing, shipping, and delivery while meeting your customer on-line, in person, or on the phone, no matter if they are at your website, in your store, or visiting a marketplace such as Amazon or Walmart on any device including PCs, Tablets, and phones.

We call this OmniCommerce. The ability to meet everyone, everywhere, everytime.


Ecommerce - Business

With the features and functions you would expect from an ecommerce platform, B2B commerce is a seamless integration with your back-end operational systems.  B2B supports all of your customers and their unique needs from one platform.

Ecommerce - Consumer

Allows your customer to shop for anything, anywhere, on any device.  This is a completely optimized experience for your customer and delivers a great shopping experience without limitations.

Order Entry

A seamless integration of order entry on a single platform with the ability to add and process your customer's needs quickly.  Giving the ability to your call centers and sales reps to access information in regards to quotes, orders, invoices, consumer information, and inventory levels effectively and efficiently.

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is a technology that enables the exchange of business documents between companies in a standardized electronic format. This technology has become increasingly popular in recent years as it streamlines business processes and improves efficiency by reducing the need for manual data entry and paper-based communication. With EDI, businesses can exchange data such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notifications quickly and easily, resulting in faster transaction times and improved accuracy. EDI can also help reduce costs associated with printing, postage, and storage of paper documents, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.


In the world of e-procurement, cXML (Commerce Extensible Markup Language) is a crucial protocol for enabling electronic data interchange in the procurement process. It is widely used by big organizations to exchange structured and automated information regarding purchase orders, invoices, and other procurement-related documents. Along with punch out, cXML is a key component of modern e-procurement systems, and its flexibility and extensibility make it suitable for a range of industries and applications, from manufacturing to healthcare. By utilizing cXML and punch out, businesses can streamline their procurement processes, reduce errors and costs, and improve their bottom line.


According to research by Kelton, 48% of consumers begin a product search on online marketplaces. BirdDog ecommerce lets you tap into that massive potential by integrating with Amazon and other marketplaces. Reach and sell to millions of new shoppers while processing and fulfilling orders from a single inventory.

B2B Commerce

What can BirdDog do for your business?

Business to Business (B2B) Ecommerce is all about relationships - creating them and maintaining them for the long haul. On the one hand, a B2B customer will be used to using sophisticated Business to Consumer (B2C) sites like Amazon, they will also be interested in product and transactional information that is tailored to a more sophisticated buyer.

 Better customer service

You are able to serve your customers in the way they want you to with tailored product information, order status, and account balance all available in real-time.

 Higher sales efficiency

With BirdDog Ecommerce, orders can be placed anytime and anywhere, less mistakes are made and customers are better served.

 More revenue

BirdDog Ecommerce will save time and money, make your business future-proof, and eventually result in higher revenues.


BirdDog Commerce provides all the features, flexibility
and performance your B2B business needs.

Integrated shopping cart

Instant order processing with real-time pricing and stock checks, customer-specific pricing & discounts and integrated payment gateways.

Specialized in B2B

Must-have features for a B2B business: quick-order, re-order, customer specific catalogs and more.

Storefront Design

Responsive designs which are easy to adjust to the look and feel of your company.

Marketing & SEO

See at a glance the key metrics that matter to your business and get recommended.

Store Management

Get the most out of your web shop. The intuitive WebManager has never been so easy to use.

Customer Journey

The user experience of your customer is the main priority with the use of convenient browsing and personal ordering preferences.

Product Information

Up-to-date product information and availability within reach, thanks to the integration with your ERP.


Multiple stores in various countries, available in many languages, plus the use of different currencies.

Development Platform

Developers are able to start right away with our SDK & API, training materials and access to the community.

The future of B2B e-commerce

BirdDog eCommerce is a B2B e-commerce platform that helps manufacturers and wholesalers and distributors efficiently run their business and improve their customer service through easy online order processing and a 24/7 online access of product information. BirdDog eCommerce makes a B2B e-commerce web store simple to setup and run because it seamlessly integrates with Macola 10, Macola ES and Macola Progression ERP systems.

B2C Commerce

Integrated Ecommerce

BirdDog Ecommerce creates a link between your website, creating an automated system for handling web orders and fulfilling them. 


Hundreds of Clients Have Gotten Suped Up!

Real-Time Connectivity

Dynamically connect pricing, payments, inventory, customers, orders and more from a front end website with BirdDog Ecommerce solutions. BirdDog Ecommerce is your all-in-one tool that can manage and publish large inventory catalogs to a website, provide a full content management system for publishing content, easily brand websites, and track your performance with analytics all while streamlining your business process. Expand your business and grow online with BirdDog Ecommerce.

Ecommerce Environments

BirdDog Ecommerce includes B2B, B2C and Sales force e-commerce environments which provide fully integrated web storefronts. These web stores offer streamlined checkout, reorder ability, order tracking, account payment and sales history.

BirdDog Ecommerce Features

  • Install Cloud or On-Premises
  • Choose Traditional Software License or subscription service (SaaS) Pricing
  • Secure Online Payment Processing
  • Supports On Account and Credit Card Payments
  • Website Branding, Design and Content Management
  • Guest Checkout
  • Store Locator
  • Multi-Store Capability
  • Up Sell/Cross Sell
Order Entry

Web based order entry for call centers, sales reps, trade shows and route sales !

  • Order Entry on a web platform
  • Streamlined order entry process/add customers on the fly
  • Customer information for your employees to serve your customers quickly and efficiently
  • Inventory level information (in stock/on backorder)
  • Tailor pages to your business processes
  • Online access to customers quotes, order and invoice history
  • Logic prompting your reps to upsell and cross sell based on the initial purchase item all in an easy to use layout
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Real-time shipping rates

Online MarketPlace Feeds

Sell to millions on eBay, Amazon and more

Seamlessly sell on marketplaces

According to research by Kelton, 48% of consumers begin a product search on online marketplaces. BirdDog eCommerce lets you tap into that massive potential by integrating with Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces. Reach and sell to millions of new shoppers while processing and fulfilling orders from a single inventory.

Our built-in eBay integration will get your products in front of millions of active shoppers. Create, manage and track listings right from your BirdDog Ecommerce control panel, with orders automatically created in your store for any products sold. You’ll have access to robust features like listing templates, customizable pricing, and listing fee estimates, plus be able to feature more of your catalog than on competitive tools thanks to bulk listing tools and product options support.

Sell directly on Amazon

Our simple integration lets you sell your products on Amazon with no extra effort. Publish listings right from your control panel and manage a single inventory for both channels, with every order synced back to either BirdDog Enterprise or your Macola ERP so you never oversell.

Credit Card Processing

Enter credit card information and authorize orders in real time.

Credit Card Deluxe integrated credit card solution runs seamlessly with orders placed through BirdDog Customer Service, Ecommerce, CASH Point of Sale and your back office Order Entry.

From Start to Finish

Credit Card Deluxe takes the pain out of credit card management. From authorization to capture and payment application, let BirdDog Software automate your credit card process. Quickly authorize total Order amounts, including freight. Customer information is automatically pulled from the order. After orders have been selected for billing, the final order amount is automatically settled with your credit card processor- Even if different from the original authorization! Settled invoice amounts are then written to Order and Customer invoices reflect the payment and card id information. enter credit card information and authorize orders in real time.


  • Authorize for full amount of order at time of order
  • Supports multiple gateways and all major processors
  • Supports payment against A/R invoices
  • Supports multiple types of verification including AVS and CVC
  • Saves encrypted card information securely for future card look up


  • No more insufficient fund surprises
  • Achieve accuracy and reliability on credit card orders
  • Save time and improve customer satisfaction with faster, safer service
  • Process multiple credit card types
  • Secure processing based on PCI standards

Certified Gateways

  • WorldPay
  • Authorize.Net
  • eBizCharge
  • DataTrans
  • CyberSource
  • 3 Delta Source CardVault (3DSI)
  • Pay Flow Pro
  • PayPal


The visible Brain of your business!!

BirdDog Enterprise software's CRM technology allows you to easily track customers, leads, contacts, projects, to-dos and so much more.  Whether you are looking to manage workflow more efficiently or to add real-time visibility into every department, this is the solution for you.

Includes a High Quality, HTML email campaign engine!

Easy to use. BRAIN CRM is a 100% web-based CRM application designed to help sales, marketing and customer service departments exceed their expectations in an easy-to-use, productivity driven environment. You’ll impress your contacts with quick, in-depth responses from initial customer contact long after the sale is made.

Customize it. BRAIN is built to adapt to you. Not the other way around. It is easy to shape to your individual needs. In fact, you can easily customize fields, tabs, screens and more. BRAIN CRM has more features. It’s more user-friendly and it adapts to you with incredible customization.

Cost-effective. BRAIN CRM is more economical than other hosted applications with more features and is more user-friendly. BRAIN CRM can be purchased as a traditional software license or as a subscription service (SaaS). Our SaaS solution offers no annual contracts or long-term commitments. Your contract is month to month. We are confident you’ll agree it’s the best CRM software available anywhere.

The CRM software that does it all. BRAIN CRM offers the features, flexibility, customization and budget-friendly CRM application that you’ve been looking for. From implementation, compatibility, and performance to scalability, upgrades, support and on-line chat, BRAIN CRM provides a complete solution.


Web-based console allows you to create and release production orders with real-time reporting and analysis functions. Release Orders and report production in batch with customizable criteria.

Production Order Console

BirdDog Enterprise's Production Order Dashboard allows your personnel to quickly enter their productivity in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Create a work order
  • Report production
  • View open work orders needing attention

Have multiple manufacturing locations? Setup user permissions to narrow views by facility.

Release and Report Production

Report Production - Single Order

Production Order Edit


Banking Tools

Are you tired of the monotonous, manual process of exporting and trading files back-and-forth with your bank? This suite offers BankRec to automate the reconciliation process. BankRec uses files provided by your bank to automatically reconcile your checks and provides a report of discrepancies. PositivePay provides data files for your bank to verify checks you have written.

Advantages of Bank Rec

  • It makes important updates to general ledger and receives timely entries from the other applications.
  • Provides the ability to reduce bank statement errors
  • Enables to control cash flow with the invalid checks and stop payments function
  • Verifies the amount of cash in your account
  • It helps to uncover irregularities

Advantages of Positive Pay

  • Reduce fraud risk
  • Customers will receive an email alert of unauthorized transactions
  • Customer can return unauthorized transaction

Not familiar with Positive Pay?

Positive Pay requires the company to send (transmit) a file of issued checks to the bank each day checks are written. When those issued checks are presented for payment at the bank, they are compared electronically against the list of transmitted checks. The check-issue file sent to the bank contains the check number, account number, issue date, and dollar amount. Sometimes the payee name is included, but is not part of the matching service. When a check is presented that does not have a "match" in the file, it becomes an "exception item". The bank sends a fax or an image of the exception item to the client. The client reviews the image and instructs the bank to pay or return the check.