The visible Brain of your business!!

BirdDog Enterprise software's CRM technology allows you to easily track customers, leads, contacts, projects, to-dos and so much more.  Whether you are looking to manage workflow more efficiently or to add real-time visibility into every department, this is the solution for you.

Easy to use. BRAIN CRM is a 100% web-based CRM application designed to help sales, marketing and customer service departments exceed their expectations in an easy-to-use, productivity driven environment. You’ll impress your contacts with quick, in-depth responses from initial customer contact long after the sale is made.

Customize it. BRAIN is built to adapt to you. Not the other way around. It is easy to shape to your individual needs. In fact, you can easily customize fields, tabs, screens and more. BRAIN CRM has more features. It’s more user-friendly and it adapts to you with incredible customization.

Cost-effective. BRAIN CRM is more economical than other hosted applications with more features and is more user-friendly. BRAIN CRM can be purchased as a traditional software license or as a subscription service (SaaS). Our SaaS solution offers no annual contracts or long-term commitments. Your contract is month to month. We are confident you’ll agree it’s the best CRM software available anywhere.

The CRM software that does it all. BRAIN CRM offers the features, flexibility, customization and budget-friendly CRM application that you’ve been looking for. From implementation, compatibility, and performance to scalability, upgrades, support and on-line chat, BRAIN CRM provides a complete solution.

Address Verification

A correct and well formatted address is the last line of defense before your packages and letters leave your possession for delivery. An undeliverable address, a typo in the street number, a wrong ZIP code, or simply a missing suite number – bad addresses will cost you time and money. They may delay delivery, get your package sent back to you, or even land your mail at the wrong destination. BirdDog helps you avoid these types of pitfalls with multiple levels of address correction*.

Accounts & Contacts

Get a "dog's-eye view"  of your contacts, allowing you to get the complete picture of your customers - all in one place.  See connections, key relationships, account history, opportunities, project statuses and more! Brain gives you the power and platform to start and nurture long-lasting relationships and close more deals.

As part of BirdDog Enterprise, BRAIN CRM delivers contact management the way you need it!
In a nutshell, BRAIN CRM Contacts are the people that your company will have or already has an on-going relationship.

Contacts in BRAIN CRM typically had been qualified as a potential sales opportunity at one point. Contacts may also have different types of relationships with your company, such as a vendors or other third-party relationships.  Contact segmentation or 'GROUPS', allows you to segment your contacts into sub-groups which combined with our Email Marketing Engine, allows you to send precise and unique messages to each group of contacts accordingly.  Examples may include:

  • Existing Clients.
  • Potential Clients going through the sales process.
  • Vendor Contacts.
  • Any contact where your company has the need to record activities and relationships.


"Brain CRM has made my life so much more organized and efficient.  I cant imagine life without it"



The BRAIN CRM Inbox is built to alert you of new tasks, projects, opportunities or support incidents (depending on your industry) and allow you to process them accordingly. Some may only require a quick reply while others may require a 'next action' whithin your workflow. Whatever the case, BRAIN CRM is built to enhance awareness and streamline efficiency.

Quick Tips on Processing Your Inbox

The basic idea is to firewall processing as a discrete phase you go through no more than every hour or two at the most. For God’s sake, don’t live in your Inbox if there’s any way you can avoid it.
Processing determines as quickly as possible what, if anything, to do with each piece (in ascending order of urgency and importance):
  • delete it
  • archive it
  • defer it for later response
  • generate an action from it
  • respond to it immediately (if it—literally—will take less than 2 minutes or is so Earth-shattering that it just can’t wait)
Then as often as time allows, return to the

 response and action

task categories and crank through as many replies and complete (or generate) as many todos as possible.
The critical point, as ever, is to focus on action and not on the administration and housekeeping. If the action is just a response,respond. If it requires more than a return, either do it or get it in your “next actions” and keep moving.
Sales Pipeline
Sell more effectively with better sales tracking and real-time visibility. With BRAIN CRM, every step of a sale—from phone calls and emails to collaboration with colleagues—is tracked in one place, so reps stay on top of deals and build stronger relationships with their customers. And with real-time analytics, you can make smarter business decisions and get higher close rates.
Project Management

Project Management

When combining project management software with other aspects of your business, you’re bringing collaboration, automation, and efficiency to the core of your businesses operations. Managing projects and collaborating on tasks is much easier when you can reference any information you need without jumping between applications.

Collaborate on everything, with everyone.

Collaboration goes business wide with our web based project management software, and takes place on everything from sales leads and projects to invoices and support tickets. You can even invite clients and contractors to come in and collaborate with you, while setting the permissions on what they’re able to see and do.

Smarter than your average online project management software.

Handle the most complex of projects in our web based project management software, with the help of features like charts, project attributes, and nested sub projects. Track all your time through our project tracking software, and have timesheets automatically converted into invoices with a single click.

Get everyone on the same page.

Keep everyone in sync with the help of shared calendars, reminders, and to-do lists. Share documents, add comments to profiles and discussions, and plan meetings from one secure online location. Receive reminders, alerts, and progress updates via email or RSS.

Your projects stay organized for you.

While running a business and managing multiple projects it’s easy to get unorganized. With the help of our online project management tools you can centralize all information by attaching anything to a project. This means any timesheets, invoices, support tickets, tasks, to-dos, discussions, and much more.


Time Slips

Time Slips

As part of BIrdDog Enterprise, BRAIN CRM delivers a powerful set of new features for professional service-based organizations to take charge of their time and billing management processes.

BRAIN CRM is the ideal solution for anyone who bills for their services and who wants to turn more of their time into money or for any organization wanting to track time or utilize a time clock. Designed to simplify even the most complex billing cycle, BRAIN CRM includes all the basics you need to record your time and expenses and invoice your clients. Plus, it has advanced time tracking software features like invoice and report customization, the ability to deliver invoices by e-mail, and links with Microsoft® Outlook®, Excel®, and other products you use now.

BRAIN CRM is easy to start and use, improves every step of your billing cycle and provides the reporting you need to succeed. You can even personalize it to meet your unique billing and time-tracking software needs!