CRM Accounts & Contacts


Get a "dog's-eye view"  of your contacts, allowing you to get the complete picture of your customers - all in one place.  See connections, key relationships, account history, opportunities, project statuses and more! Brain gives you the power and platform to start and nurture long-lasting relationships and close more deals.

As part of BirdDog Enterprise, BRAIN CRM delivers contact management the way you need it!
In a nutshell, BRAIN CRM Contacts are the people that your company will have or already has an on-going relationship.

Contacts in BRAIN CRM typically had been qualified as a potential sales opportunity at one point. Contacts may also have different types of relationships with your company, such as a vendors or other third-party relationships.  Contact segmentation or 'GROUPS', allows you to segment your contacts into sub-groups which combined with our Email Marketing Engine, allows you to send precise and unique messages to each group of contacts accordingly.  Examples may include:

  • Existing Clients.
  • Potential Clients going through the sales process.
  • Vendor Contacts.
  • Any contact where your company has the need to record activities and relationships.


"Brain CRM has made my life so much more organized and efficient.  I cant imagine life without it"