Content Management System


Build & maintain your professional websites with BirdDog Web Manager site builder and website editing system.

Why content management?
  • Have you ever struggled to get updates done quickly and accurately?
  • Do you have multiple content owners making contributions?
  • Concerned about brand consistency across your electronic channels?
  • Do you understand when your technical support starts talking HMTL, XML, XSL, or SQL?
  • Are you held accountable for the content releases of others?

BirdDog's Content Management System helps overcome all these challenges, and more!

It's an intuitive, comprehensive web publishing solution that empowers communicators to focus on their content and timing of their messages, not the delivery mechanism. Using a web browser and connection to the internet, content managers can administrate all facets of their website, including supporting applications, at any time, from anywhere—all without the need for outside technical support.

With the use of client-defined template designs and attribute-based Web Document Editors, content managers can populate their entire website, confident that their corporate brand presentation is respected. Content assets are not limited to text and image, but include numerous Rich Media (video, sound, animations) and all common file attachments.

All site Navigation is instantly updated to reflect current content status, including all menus, Search and sitemap. Convenient Specials and Events Calendars features use date and time information to push dynamic information to selected webpages keeping audiences informed, up to the minute.

Image Manager

  • Create Image Directories
  • Upload Files
  • Delete Files
  • Download Files

Web Manager

WebManager is the client side tool used to build and maintain highly interactive database-driven Web Sites. WebManager is built to be used by non-technical users. With WebManager, maintenance of your web site can finally be put back in the hands of your Marketing department! Change short descriptions, add long descriptions, add images, as well as promotional information and ‘cross-sell’ links. Supports page information, such as meta tags and page titles, to maximize exposure to web crawlers.