Converting Progression to ES


When converting a progression database to an ES database, due to differences in the schema, you must be careful in how the data is converted for BirdDog tables.

Important Notes

  • Backup the original Progression database before beginning this!
  • It is essential that both the old Pro database and the new ES database are on the same server. This process will not function correctly if they are on different servers.
  • It is also essential that any changes made are noted. Changing customer numbers, for example, needs to be noted.
  • BirdDog will likely need to increase the number of available databases in the license to ensure this functions without difficulty.

Using Enterprise for Windows ( or later)

  • Go to Utilities | Convert Progression to ES
  • Progression to ES instructions popup. Follow these steps.
  • Make sure to close Enterprise for Windows when you are moving from one database to another. For example, the process calls for you to open Enterprise for Windows against the new ES database. You should not have an instance of Enterprise for Windows open against the Progression database when this occurs. So expect to open and close the software a couple of times in the process.

Some elements may still need adjustment after the fact. For example:

  • Sales Person in Progression is string but in ES it is a number, so the SalesPerson setting in site settings will need to be adjusted using either Enterprise for Windows or by directly accessing the bdsites table and ensuring the new value matches one from the humres table (res_id column.)
  • The Shipviacode, Taxcode and Termscode on Customer Defaults tab in Site Settings will also need to be verified to match valid data following the conversion.