Customer Service FAQ's

How Do You Credit a Posted Invoice and Reinvoice?
It is a common scenario; an order has been generated and posted when you discover that you needed to make changes. The process is simple: you need to credit/rebill.
  1. Pull up the original invoice in Customer Service.
  2. Click on the Add copy to your current Order image button.
  3. This will take you to Customer Service | Enter Orders where you will have a complete copy of the order.
    1. Change the order type to Credit Memo
    2. The Apply To will automatically populate with the previous invoice number.
    3. Now place the order. This effectively puts everything back into the inventory system so you do not double-charge quantities.
  4. On the Credit Memo, click on the Add copy to your current Order image button.
  5. This will take you to Customer Service | Enter Orders where you will have a complete copy of the order. Now make whatever changes you need to make to the order and process it through the system as normal.
Does Customer Service Support an On-Hold Process?
Yes, should you choose to utilize it, BirdDog Customer Service supports a release and approval process for Orders On-Hold.
Can Items On An Order Auto-Create Work Orders?
Yes. If using Customer Service in conjunction with the Manufacturing Console, manufactured items can be set to Auto-Create WorkOrders.
Can Items On An Order Auto-Create Purchase Orders?
Yes, If you are using Customer Service in conjunction with our Purchase Orders Console, purchased items can be set to auto create Purchase Orders for either Receiving or Drop Shipping.
Can Job Numbers Be Assigned To Sales Orders?
Yes.  Customer Service has a field labeled "Project #".  By filling out that table, you can tie your job# to the Sales Order.
Can Pricing Be Changed On The Fly?
Depending on the flexibility you want to allow your Order Entry personnel, pricing can either be editable or non-editable. Default pricing is applied unless a price code or discount is applicable for the Customer, Customer Type, Item or Product Category.
Can An New Order Be Created Based On a Past Order?
Yes. With Customer Service, we make it easy to go to a customer's order history and recreate a previous order.
Does Customer Service Support Shipping from Different Warehouse Locations?
Yes Customer Service allows the selection of the Ship From Warehouse on a line item basis.
Each line item has a Warehouse drop down list where the Ship From Location is made.
Does Customer Service Run on an iPad or Other Tablet Devices?
Yes, every Enterprise console can be utilized on any device with an internet connection.  BirdDog Enterprise has also been specifically optimized for the iPad.
Can Miscellaneous Charges Be Added?
Yes, with Order Manager, a wide array of charges can be set to add based on various rules and triggers.
Can Customers Be Searched By Phone Number?
Yes, in Version 9.6, you may now search for customer by telephone number.  Other customer lookup options include, Name, Customer #, Address, City, State and Zip Code.
Can Order Comments and Line Comments Be Added?
Yes , both order comments and line comments are supported.
Can You Capture What Employee Placed an Order?
Yes, All orders are noted with the employee who placed the order.
Can you Email Quotes and Invoices?
Yes, BirdDog Enterprise allows you to send any order type via email and also automatically sends the customer an email confirmation when an order is placed.
What Is Your Recommended Credit Card Processor and Gateway?
BirdDog recommends utilizing WorldPay as Processor and Authorize.NET as the gateway provider.
How Many Credit Cards Can Be On File For Each Customer?
Credit Cards can be saved in the system for future use.
An unlimited number of credit cards can be saved to a Customer's account for easy re-use.
What Happens If An Item Is Not In Inventory?
It depends.You may want to allow back orders or you may prefer to only place orders on stocked items.
If you choose to support back order processing, click here for information on Picking System
What Kinds of Orders are Supported?
BirdDog Customer Service supports Quotes, Order, Invoices, Debit Memos, Credit Memos and Returns.