Web based order entry for call centers, sales reps, trade shows and route sales!

  • Order Entry on a web platform (Offline/Synch also available)
  • Streamlined order entry process/add customers on the fly
  • Customer information for your employees to serve your customers quickly and efficiently
  • Integrated shipping quotes and credit card processing
  • Inventory level information (in stock/on backorder)
  • Tailor pages to your business processes
  • Online access to customers quotes, order and invoice history
  • Auto-prompt upsell and cross sell based on the initial purchase item all in an easy to use layout

Order Management DashBoard

Equip your Customer Service and Sales People to be more efficient and effective

BirdDog Customer Service allows your employees to provide:
  • Order Entry
  • Customer Quotes
  • Upsell and Cross Sell Suggestions
  • Accurate Real-Time Freight Quotes
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Real-Time Credit Card Authorizations
  • Existing Order Search or Audits
  • Emailed Invoices, Orders or Quotes
  • Credit Memos
  • Duplicate Orders from Order History
  • Real-Time Account Balance Checks
  • Customer Information Updates
  • Much More!
Order Entry

Simple. Fast. Efficient.

  • Add Customers on the Fly
  • Real time Inventory Availability
  • Multi Price Codes and Discounts Structure
  • Add or Edit BillTo and ShipTo Information
  • Credit Card, Checks or OnAccount Terms
  • PayPal Support
  • Prompts for Upsell and Cross Sell
  • Real-Tme Freight Quotes
  • Quick Order Entry Interface for Catalog or B2B Customers

"CustomerService has been a life saver!  The pain and suffering in our Customer Service dept is no more!"

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