Connect to procurement systems that support ecommerce punchout with cXML.

This solution allows for business communication of business documents between procurement applications, Ecommerce hubs, and suppliers. cXML is based on XML schemas for standard business transactions, allowing programs to modify and validate documents without prior knowledge of their form.
PunchOut is a protocol for interactive sessions managed across the internet, a communication from one application to another, achieved through a dialog of real-time, synchronous cXML messages, which support user interaction at a remote site. Most commonly used in the form of Procurement PunchOut, which specifically supports interactions between a procurement application and a supplier’s Ecommerce web site.
  • Easy to implement 
  • Automated order receipt, fulfillment updates and catalog transport
  • Many sell-side solutions come with the protocol out of the box
  • Supports remote shopping session (PunchOut) transactions
  • Extensible: If your buyer relationships require more information than CXML supports intrinsically, that data can still be sent end-to-end
  • Leverages XML, a robust language for describing information
  • cXML is the only B2B XML standard that leaves much of the syntax from EDI behind