Business Email Hosting

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Our Business Email Hosting handles your large, medium, or small business email hosting needs while your dedicated BirdDog Team handles your email worries.

Simply add your users and start sending emails. That’s all you need to do. Really. We oversee the round-the-clock monitoring, patching, hardware, and software troubleshooting, dealing with viruses and spam, and all the other responsibilities of managing an email solution. It’s all the convenience you need from your email without the inconvenience.

Why Choose BirdDog for Email Hosting?

  • A dedicated team of BirdDog Technicians is working to answer your questions and keep your email running fast and secure.
  • Reliable business-class email is built on a redundant, clustered mail system backed up daily.
  • Access to email is guaranteed by 100% Application Uptime and 100% Network Uptime.
  • We offer low and predictable costs without hidden or extra fees for support.
  • Quick and smooth scaling of the email system so you can keep adding users as your business grows.
  • Web-based calendar sharing and scheduling help you connect with people efficiently and effectively.
  • Synchronize shared calendars, contacts, and task lists between the webmail interface and supported clients.

Email Hosting Feature Overview 

  • Daily updates of the latest spam and anti-virus software negate spam and viruses.
  • Group lists let you send emails to multiple recipients, streamlining your communications and saving time. 
  • An easy organization with an integrated task list and contact list.
  • Flexible to your needs, providing email access via webmail or your preferred mail client.
  • The customer portal simplifies email management for administering domains, users, and settings.
  • Easy to use and manage with point-and-click administration and a user-friendly web interface.
  • Wireless access to mailboxes through internet-enabled devices.

We Keep It Simple!

  • Unlimited email aliases
  • Web-based email access
  • Web-based address book
  • Web-based email administration
  • Server-Based Virus Protection


  • Single Email Account $3.00 / month