Epicor Shopify Connector

Take your Ecommerce to the next level with the Shopify Epicor Connector.

BirdDog Software’s Shopify Connector connects all the important details between your site and Epicor, automatically bringing your Ecommerce orders in for fulfillment in near real-time. Epicor Shopify integration is crucial because it bridges the gap between e-commerce and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Our Shopify Epicor connector enables seamless data synchronization, ensuring inventory levels, customer information, and order details are accurately reflected across both platforms in near real-time. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving time. It also enhances the customer experience by providing up-to-date product availability and order status, essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and trust. Furthermore, our connector allows for better analytics and reporting by consolidating data from both platforms, aiding in strategic decision-making and helping businesses to be more responsive to market demands. By automating and streamlining operations, our Shopify Epicor connector can increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and provide greater scalability for businesses looking to grow their online presence while managing their back-end operations effectively.

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Epicor Shopify Integration points include:

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Have You Outgrown Shopify? Consider BirdDog Enterprise

If you think you've outgrown Shopify, consider BirdDog's Enterprise solution.  BirdDog Enterprise is an integrated Accounting, Inventory Management, and Business Management ERP software solution complete with Contact Management and Ecommerce integration. Our distribution inventory and warehouse management software is perfect for small and medium companies in the distribution and manufacturing sector. The BirdDog Enterprise platform comes packed with thousands of features that allow your business to get up and running quickly.

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