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Freight takes the ‘guesstimate’ out of shipping and allows you to provide shipping options and fees at the time of placing an order.

Highly configurable for freight rating based on your business rules. 

  • Item weight
  • Item dimensions
  • Package count
  • Back orders
  • Ship partial / ship complete
  • Shipper options
  • Shipping contracts
  • Preferred methods
Using Item weight and dimension data, Freight determines package count and weight information. Freight then rates the order with your shipping company. Freight is THE freight quoting solution. 

Rate Order – Turns the Order into Packages. Rates the Order based upon items that are in stock and back ordered


Rate Package – Gives the user shipping amounts based on From and To Locations and the weight of the Package


    Address Verification - enables you to validate an address before shipping to avoid costly returns and late deliveries