Gift Certificates


Adding a Gift Certificate Module to your eCommerce store is a great way to boost sales. Everyone you know has either given or received a gift certificate or E Gift certificate. Its one of the most popular ways to give gifts today and its on the rise, so if youre online store isn't offering them, youre missing sales opportunities.

Want to increase traffic? Remember that every time someone gives a gift certificate to your site, someone receives one. Someone that may never have visited your site can now be exposed to your entire catalog, encouraged to browse and is certain to try a product.

Online gift certificates are also a great way to reward loyal customers, run promotional offers and more. Online merchants running gift certificate give away specials see returning traffic and new traffic increases.

Is an otherwise excellent customer upset youve run out of the item he or she wanted? Why not make it up to him with a gift certificate, redeemable online from the convenience of his home. You get to improve your customer retention rate and your customer gets to try another of your products.

E Gift Certificates work as customer service tools, traffic boosters and promotional efforts. If youre not offering E Gift Certificates youre losing out on sales and missing one of the largest trends sweeping consumers today.

Paper Certificates: Offer your customers the opportunity to purchase paper gift certificates easily through the front-end check out process.

E Gift Certificates: Your shoppers will experience an easy and very familiar process when they purchase E Gift Certificates through your eCommerce store. They select an amount, they checkout and receive their claim code via email. It couldnt be easier. They can easily be purchased as gifts for a third party, encouraging new visitors to your website.

Flexibility: You control the smallest and largest amounts that you wish to sell. You select the specific amounts you would like your gift certificates to be. You sell them. Its that simple. Run reports and look up your gift certificates through your backend tools. Everything you need to keep them organized and stay on top of the outstanding gift certificate amounts.

How it works:

This feature provides your online store with the ability to sell, create, process, redeem and account for Gift Certificates. Customers can securely purchase gift certificates for their friends, family, associates. You may also generate your own Gift Certificates to be given to your own valued customers.

A link to the Gift Certificate Purchase Form can be placed anywhere on your site. On this form, the customer can indicate who the gift certificate is going "To:" and whom the gift certificate is "From:". The sender can also add a special gift message, which is sent along with the delivery of the gift certificate to the recipient. On this form, the sender can select the value of the gift certificate, typically in increments of $10, $25, $50, $75, and $100 (can be adjusted as necessary). After selecting a value for their gift certificate, the user would then enter their payment information. Finally, they would select whether they wanted their gift to be delivered by email delivery or postal delivery. Once all these options are selected, then the REVIEW button is then clicked. This allows the customer to review the information for accuracy before finally submitting to the store for approval. Once the order is successfully placed, this new certificate it is ready to be redeemed in the checkout and the email recipients are then sent their email gift confirmation.

The customer can redeem their gift certificate during checkout. On the "Checkout" page, the customer is asked to enter their gift certificate code into an entry field. The submission is made and the system checks to validate the entered code. If the code validates, then the discount is instantly applied to the order and is clearly visible in the invoice as a discount. If the customer does not consume the entire gift certificate amount, the remainder balance is stored for later use, until the entire balance is of the gift certificate is consumed.