Install Enterprise for Windows Client


  1. The installation location for this application is expected to be a network share that is accessible to all clients running Enterprise for Windows.
  2. Run Crystal Reports Runtime msi (32 or 64 bit, as appropriate), located in [c:]\BirdDog Software\CrystalReports
  3. Run Enterprise.msi, located in [c:]\BirdDog Software\EnterpriseWin
    Note: When asked to specify the location to install the software, be certain to specify [c:]\BirdDog Software\EnterpriseWin, as this will not be chosen by default.
  4. Create a shortcut to [c:]\BirdDog Software\EnterpriseWin\Enterprise.exe
  5. Run the application
Database Setup

  1. Server: Enter the name of the server where the Database is located
  2. Database: Enter the name of the Database to connect to
  3. Type: choose Microsoft SQL if the Database is a Microsoft SQL Database
  4. Leave Username and Password blank and check the box that says Use Trusted Connection; or enter Username and Password with permission to access Microsoft SQL
  5. Click "Login"

Each time this information is entered, it will automatically be populated the next time the software is run, and will be available as an option in the first dropdown list.


A user created with the Enterprise User role is required to access the Windows Client. Enterprise Users are licensed from BirdDog Software (the software comes with 1 user by default). A login with User Name: admin (Password: admin) is created by default and should be changed at the earliest convenience.

Setup Email Server
  1. Navigate to System | Settings
  2. Click on the eMail | SMTP Server. You'll get the below image which should be populated accordingly.

Changing Your Default Login

By default, your login using Enterprise for Windows is admin / admin. Leaving it as that is exceedingly unwise and not PCI compliant so changing it first thing is heavily recommended. To do so, navigate to Maintain | Security | Users which brings up the following screen.

Input admin in the LoginID field and hit TAB. This will populate your data. In addition to changing the Password to something more secure, we also strongly recommend changing the actual LoginID to an appropriate email address so that that user will get any notifications sent. Once you are done, click on Save at the bottom.

Other Workstations

  1. Run Crystal Reports Runtime msi (32 or 64 bit, as appropriate), located in [c:]\BirdDog Software\CrystalReports
  2. Create a shortcut to [c:]\BirdDog Software\EnterpriseWin\Enterprise.exe

Installing Updates

  1. Make sure everybody is logged out of Enterprise for Windows prior to installing update.
  2. We recommend making a backup of the current Enterprise for Windows folder (in case you need to fall back to it).
  3. Unzip the Enterprise for Windows zip file from Birddog.
  4. Copy & Paste into the Enterprise for Windows folder.
    • If you have customized reports, you can unselect the Reports folder prior to copying so you don't overwrite them.
  5. When asked if you want to replace existing files & folders, answer "Yes, to all".
  6. Start Enterprise for Windows.