Install Job Master


1. Run the installer

Run Jobmaster.msi, located in [c:]\BirdDog Software\JobMaster, and follow the directions
Note: When asked to specify the location to install the software, be certain to specify [c:]\BirdDog Software\JobMaster, as this will not be chosen by default

Note: If you get an error stating that the service failed to start, click "Ignore".  The install will complete.  You then need to go to step 2 to finish the configuration.

2. Configure Jobmaster

  1. Make a copy of [c:]\BirdDog Software\JobMaster\BirdDogSoftware.JobMaster.exe.sample.config and rename it BirdDogSoftware.JobMaster.exe.config
  2. Open [c:]\BirdDog Software\JobMaster\BirdDogSoftware.JobMaster.exe.config in a text editor and set the database name, server name, licensing information, and verify "Use Trusted Connection" is True; then close and save

3. Start the Windows Service: BirdDog Job Master

  1. Open Services (Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services)
  2. Click BirdDog Job Master in the "Services (Local)" list in the main panel
  3. If it is running, click on Stop the Service
  4. Right-click on the BirdDog Job Master service and click on Properties
  5. Ensure Startup type is set to Automatic
  6. Select "Log On" tab
  7. Ensure the account information that is input here is a domain user with access to all sql databases it is configured for and any shared directories used by the system. This should be a user only used for this service and should be set so that its password never expires.
  8. Click OK
  9. Click on Start the Service

4. Check for Job Master "heartbeat"

  1. Open Windows Task Manager (right-click the Windows Tool Bar and select "Task Manager" or "Start Task Manager")
  2. Select "Details" tab (or in older Windows versions, "Processes")
  3. Locate BirdDogSoftware.JobMaster.exe in the "Name" column
  4. An additional process named BirdDogSoftware.Jobs.exe should appear within ~5 minutes (and often disappear seconds after)—this is the "heartbeat" that shows the process is working

5. Verify the Service Log

Open [c:]\BirdDog Software\JobMaster\Errors.log in a text editor to make sure there are no problems accessing the database

6. (Optional) Ensure jobs are running

Create and execute a "testing" job.

  1. See below for instructions for creating a new job
  2. Use the Job Type: Testing. Click the Save and Execute () icon.
  3. Navigate to System Management | Log Viewer and click the Refresh () icon. It may take a few minutes for the job to run. If the job has run correctly, the following entries should be found in the Event Message column:
    1. ProcessID [####] is executing Testing
    2. Testing Service Complete
    3. ProcessID [####] executed successfully Testing
Installing BirdDog Job Master Service

Run Jobmaster.msi, located in [c:]\BirdDog Software\JobMaster

BirdDog Job Master Service will be referred to as JobMaster from here forward.

Click Next


Agree to the End-User License Agreement. Feel free to read it first.


Enter your customer information here.

Choose where you want JobMaster installed. Click Next if you’re ready to install.


JobMaster is installing.




JobMaster is installed, press Close.

Now proceed to the next step, Editing the Configuration


Configure Jobs in Enterprise - Windows Client

Select Maintain | Jobs…

You will get the following Window:


To schedule a new job, click the Schedule a New Job button.

Select the desired Job you wish to run, the Frequency, the At or On time (variable depending on selected Frequency) and enter the Job Requested Service Data. Each individual Job has it’s own set of requirements that are entered sequentially as requested, without spaces and separated with commas.

For Example:

Then Click Save.

On the subsequent screen you still need to save the scheduling information (if you make an error editing a Job this gives you the opportunity to start over without redoing all your jobs).


Click  Save Changes and your Job will run at its next scheduled time. If you need to edit this Job simply select the Pencil Icon to Edit. If you want to remove this job select the X Icon. Only Save Changes will apply any edits or deletions to the Service.

If the Service won't start:

Check Windows Event Viewer for logging relating to the attempted start of the Service. In some cases, a failure to start can be the result of missing DLLs in the installer MSI, and a re-install from the ZIP may fix the problem. Also, the BirdDogSoftware.JobMaster.exe file may need to be "run as administrator"; view Properties on the file, and under the Compatibility tab, select "Run this program as an administrator" if available.

If there is no heartbeat:

Check Properties on the BirdDogSoftware.Jobs.exe file for an "Unblock" option, and if present, unblock the file. Sometimes the installation/update can be corrupted in the process of copying over the ZIP file via Windows; in this case, the files must be compressed in a format other than "ZIP" and reinstalled (most often, this is done by adding the files to a new archive as a RAR-based EXE-type archive).

If jobs aren't running:

Check error log files, in the installation directory, for relevant errors. Such a failure is normally the result of improper configuration, or problems relating to the login used by the Service.

How do I know what Jobs are currently running?
First, you will need the Process Identifier (PID), which you can acquire from Task Manager.
There are two ways to pull up Task Manager.
Be sure to do this on the server that is running Job Master.
  • CTR-ALT-DEL and click on Start Task Manager
  • Right click your taskbar at the bottom of the screen and choose Start Task Manager
Click on the Processes tab to see all processes currently running. If you do not see a PID column, you will need to make it visible.
  • Click View on the top menu
  • Click Select Columns
  • Click the box next to PID (Process Identifier) to enable
  • Click Okay

Find the BirdDog Processes you want to look up and take note of the PIDs.

Then go to System Management > Log Viewer
  • Enter the PID into the Message Contains field
  • Click Refresh
You should see an event message with that ProcessID. This tells you what Job it is running.
Creating Individual Jobs

Job Master provides real-time business process automation and event driven job scheduling. Free your staff of mundane routine processes with automatic, time specific or event driven processes. Because it is BirdDog you can rest assured knowing Job Master is Macola integrated to increase and secure the quality of data touching your database. Many BirdDog solutions are 'Job Master enabled', for instance, OrderImport is Job Master enabled. Together these programs automate the Order import process either by timed file checks or continuous scans. Remove the oops factor from your routine processes and make Job Master the task master of your companies scheduling.

Job Master includes the following Jobs (some jobs may require a license to another product):

  • Job Master:
    • Compress Fields - Used in Document Management scenarios
    • Purge Fields
    • Purge Logging
    • Copy Directory
    • Clean Directory
    • FTP Folder Download
    • FTP Folder Upload
    • Get Files from Web Service
    • Export Query Results(CSV)
    • Export Query Results(Email)
    • Export Query Results(XML)
    • Find and Replace - Used to mass Find and Replace text in files in a directory
    • Import Custom CSV - Imports a Comma Separated File(CSV) into an SQL table
    • Zip Sub Directories - Normally used with FTP Folder Upload / Download to zip transferred files before sending
    • Unzip Sub Directories - Normally used with FTP Folder Upload / Download to unzip transferred files
  • E-Commerce
    • Purge Shopping Carts
    • Export Google Product Update
    • Process waiting Carts
    • Create Users from Customers
    • Export Users to File
    • Remove Permissions from Obsolte Items - Automatically removes permissions from obsoleted items
    • Send email campaign
    • Verify Addresses with US Post Office
  • Order Integrator
    • Import CSV files
    • Import Excel files
  • Order Management
    • Process Order Management Rules
  • Inventory Console
    • Re-Order Notification - Sends an email of Items below their Re-Order point
    • Back Order Notification - Sends an email for Items that have been Back Ordered
  • G/L Mation (General Ledger transactions)
    • Import G/L Transactions
  • Auto Ship
    • Process AutoShip Orders
  • Credit Card Deluxe
    • Clear old Credit Card transactions
    • Clear old saved Credit Cards
  • Reported Production Integrator
    • Import reported production
  • Sales Tax Connector
    • Commit Sales Tax  
  • Receiving Console
    • Notifty of missing Item Properties - Sends an email notifying of missing Images, Weight or price

Updating JobMaster
  1. Open System and Security | Administrative Tools | Services

  2. Select BirdDog Job Master and Stop the service (right-click or use the menu buttons)
  3. Explore the JobMaster install folder; by default it should be located at C:\\BirdDog Software\JobMaster
  4. Back up the JobMaster folder (make a copy, or copy contents to an existing "restore" folder)
  5. Open and extract contents to the JobMaster folder
  6. Delete all log files from the JobMaster folder
  7. Return to Services and Start the BirdDog Job Master service
  8. Open Task Manager
    1. Sort by Name
    2. Ensure that you have checked "Show Processes For All Users"
    3. Watch for BirdDogSoftware.Jobs.exe, the "heartbeat," which should show up within a minute. If it does, the service is running properly and the installation is complete. If it doesn't, check the log file (C:\Program Files\BirdDog Software\JobMaster\Errors.log) to make sure there are no problems accessing the database.