Set it and forget it!

Job Master provides real-time business process automation and event-driven job scheduling. Free your staff of mundane routine processes with automatic, time-specific or event-driven processes. Because it is BirdDog you can rest assured knowing Job Master is integrated tightly with your ERP to increase and secure the quality of data touching your database. Many BirdDog solutions are 'Job Master enabled', for instance, OrderImport is Job Master enabled. Together these programs automate the Order import process by timed file checks or continuous scans. Remove the oops factor from your routine processes and make Job Master the taskmaster of your company's scheduling.

Job Master includes the following Jobs (some jobs may require a license to another product):

Job Master:

  • Export Query Results(Email)
    • Great for real-time, daily, weekly, and monthly notifications
  • Export Query Results(CSV)
    • Used heavily in BirdDog process automation initiatives
  • Export Query Results(XML)
    • Used heavily in BirdDog process automation initiatives
  • Compress Fields - Used in Document Management scenarios
  • Purge Fields
  • Purge Tables - Set your data retention policy and forget it!
    • Item Master Audit
    • Item / Location Audit
    • Order Header Audit
    • Order Line Audit
    • Page Hits
    • Application Logging
    • Sync audit tables
    • Backups of SQL tables ending in a date formatted as YYYYMMDD - Make it easy to make quick table backups and not have to worry about them filling up your database
  • Copy Directory
  • Clean Directory
  • FTP Folder Download
  • FTP Folder Upload
  • Get Files from Web Service
  • Find and Replace - Used to mass Find and Replace text in files in a directory
  • Import Custom CSV - Imports a Comma Separated File(CSV) into an SQL table
  • Zip Sub Directories - Normally used with FTP Folder Upload / Download to zip transferred files before sending
  • Unzip Sub Directories - Normally used with FTP Folder Upload / Download to unzip transferred files


  • Purge Shopping Carts
  • Export Google Product Update
  • Process waiting Carts
  • Create Users from Customers
  • Export Users to File
  • Remove Permissions from Obsolete Items - Automatically removes permissions from obsoleted items


  • Send email campaign
  • Verify Addresses with US Post Office

Order Integrator

  • Import CSV files
  • Import Excel files

Order Management

  • Process Order Management Rules

Inventory Console

  • Re-Order Notification - Sends an email of Items below their Re-Order point
  • Back Order Notification - Sends an email for Items that have been Back Ordered

G/L Mation (General Ledger transactions)

  • Import G/L Transactions

Auto Ship

  • Process AutoShip Orders

Credit Card Deluxe

  • Clear old Credit Card transactions
  • Clear old saved Credit Cards

Reported Production Integrator

  • Import reported production

Sales Tax Connector

  • Commit Sales Tax  

Receiving Console

  • Notify of missing Item Properties - Sends an email notifying of missing Images, Weight or price

3rd Party Connectors

  • Automates keeping your systems in sync