Entry Level Quality Assurance Technician


Job Description:

Full time entry level Quality Assurance Technician working in a small team environment with developers and web designers building the next generation of Ecommerce and small business management software. No previous QA experience required. You will work closely with our QA Lead making sure that every new feature meets the spec, matches our global software requirements, and creating final documentation.

Skills & Requirements:

  • Comfortable with new technology
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Communicator - ability to communicate with staff and customers both verbally and in written communication.

Working Environment:

Office at the Dog Pound in Southwest Oklahoma City. 40 hour work week with flexible start times.

Salary Range:

$23k to 30k based upon experience.

About the Company:

BirdDog Software is a development and consulting company started in 1991. We create cutting edge applications for our small business customers with a focus on Ecommerce, Order Processing, and Business Management. You will office in the Dog Pound, one of the coolest places to work in Oklahoma City! Flexible hours and start times, and an atmosphere focused on results not if you were in your chair at 9AM every morning this week. Monthly presentations at the Dog & Pony show where the entire company comes together to eat pizza and see the latest cool things the Developers have created. Opportunity to participate in serious arguments about Star Wars vs Star Trek and which Marvel movie is the best (it's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, by the way.)

Apply Now

email resume to jobs@birddogsw.com