Customer Service


 Clicking Customer Service on the Dashboard brings up the following panel.

 Customer Service Main Menu

  • Order Entry - Here is where you enter the customer order.  Find out more about Order Entry.
  • Change Current Customer - By entering either the customer number or searching on the customer name or a zip code, you change the customer you are working with.  After you change customers, all transactions and views only include that customer's information.
  • Customer Account Info - This opens the customer record for you to view. Find out more about Customer Account Info.
  • Address Book - Since some customers have multiple facilities, you can maintain their addtional addresses here. Find out more about the Address Book.

All Customers View

Order search - If you want to look for a particular order and you have the order number, customer name, ship to name, purchase order number, invoice number, OR the item number, you can find all associated orders. Find out more about Order Search.

Order Audit - The order audit will display a chronilogical list of activity for an order including when it was created, any changes to the customer information, items, order status, through invoicing. Find out more about Order Audit.

Customer Views

Invoice History - You can search for the customer's invoices and limit them to an invoice number, order number, purchase order number, and in a date range.  Once you find the invoice you are looking for in the list, you can open the invoice to view the details.  Once you have the invoice open you can add the items to a shopping cart, or reprint the invoice. Find out more about Invoice History.

Open Orders - You can list all orders that are open for your customer.  Find out more about Open Orders

Account Detail - You may want to view a customer's activity with your company.  In Account Detail, you can view all transactions with the company or liimit your view to only open items.  Find out more about Account Detail