Custom Order rules have never been easier!

Coupons. Free freight. Order Hold. Order discounts. Buy one get one. Gift with purchase.

Does your business need custom order rules and the ability to create and edit them on the fly? This is your solution! BirdDog Software delivers the most powerful system for managing custom order rules while keeping the interface streamlined and easy to use.

Simply set the trigger and the desired results and you're done! No more managing 'special' orders manually.

Default Triggers include:

  • Ship To Postal Code
  • Ship To City
  • Ship To State
  • Ship To Country
  • Ship Via Code
  • Shipping Method
  • Customer Type
  • New Customer By Start Date
  • New Customer By Last Sale Date
  • Item
  • Item In A Web Category
  • Item In A Web Category or Its Descendants
  • Item Has Dimensions
  • Item Weight
  • Product Category
  • New Product Category Purchase
  • Amount Total
  • Login
  • Special Code

Default Results include:

  • Place Order On Hold
  • Add Item to Order
  • Get Item For Free
  • Percentage Off
  • Dollar Amount Off
  • Free Freight On Order
  • Free Freight On Items
  • Order Taxable
  • Set Order Freight Amount
  • Add Item To Order With Quantity Multiple

Create as many rules as you need. Set start/end dates for promotions or place rules on hold.

Example of Order Rule that places order On Hold if Ship To Country is Nigeria

Example of Order Rule that gives free freight to orders over $50.00 

Order Rules apply to Orders placed through BirdDog Ecommerce, Customer Service, Web POS and Order Import