Route Sales Software

The mobile solution for route sales and deliveries makes it easy for your drivers to visit customers and place orders on the go. This package allows you to create routes, specify the days of the week they run, and assign them to a driver. Driver logs in and sees the routes for that specific day, knowing exactly where he needs to go, and who he needs to visit. When the driver shows up to the customer site, his dashboard shows him historical order data for the customer along with an order form containing all sku’s that client is approved to purchase. Using an iPad, Tablet or Toughbook, the driver can place an order and execute a copy of the invoice to his belt printer and leave a copy with the customer.


  • Able to place orders out in the field
  • Signature capture on order if needed
  • Prints order to mobile printer
  • Able to do an inventory transfer from truck back into the warehouse

If internet  is available, the order is able to be placed in real time, if connectivity is an issue an offline/sync option is available, that automatically syncs all orders back to the database when the driver gets back to the warehouse.

Includes: Customer Service