BirdDog’s Synchronization Engine allows you to get all the benefits of an integrated environment when an internet connection is not available.

Scenario 1

In some cases, you may have sales reps in the field, onsite at a customer location or have a truck driver in the field, delivering goods and restocking shelves. For those scenarios, a live internet connection may not be available.  To enable them to enter orders, create invoices or access customer specific information, we introduce the BirdDog Synchronization Engine.

BirdDog Synchronization Engine allows for those orders or invoices to be placed in real time and synched back to your Macola database when an internet connection is available.

Great for outside sales reps, route sales and more!

Scenario 2

In Ecommerce scenarios, BirdDog’s Sync Engine provides a seamless Sync process between the Ecommerce site and Macola.

This scenario covers our standard, hosted Ecommerce platform scenario as well as our 3rd Party Ecommerce Connectors.  In those scenarios, our Sync Engine also handles synchronization between the local database and a Shopify or Magento site, for instance.

All synchronization processing can be automated with JobMaster and run at any frequency desired.

Scenario 3

In multi-location, disconnected network environments, BirdDog Sync engine syncs information from “Headquarters” database down to remote location servers.

Since the BirdDog Sync Engine is bi-directional, it will also push data (new orders, customers etc.) from the remote locations back to the “Headquarters” database.

Change Monitoring

“The real magic of the BirdDog Sync Engine”

To ensure optimal speed and performance, the BirdDog Sync Engine constantly monitors the headquarters database for changes.

When other locations, tablets, or devices are ready to sync, the Sync Engine only syncs the records changed since the previous sync process.