System Periods


During posting or transaction entry I receive the following error:
“The journal is closed for the entry period”

The Accounting Journal is closed for the transaction date you are using. Either change the date to an open period or open the journal using the following steps:

  1. Go to the System module in Macola ES
  2. Open Company>Company Settings
  3. Select the General folder
  4. Click the Period date calendar icon
  5. Double-click the appropriate year
  6. Click the hyperlink in the Closed column for the period you need to open
  7. Double-click the closed journal(s) that you need to open
  8. Click Save on the Journal list dialog
  9. Click Save on the Period list dialog
  10. Click Close on the Period list dialog
  11. Click Close on the Financial year list dialog
  12. Click Close on the Settings dialog
  13. Click Save on the Settings dialog