Lower the cost of business - Increase your impact

The needs of nonprofit organizations are just as complex as those of other businesses, though many nonprofits lack the IT budget to address those needs. Raising and managing funds depend on efficient management of a diverse team of full-time staff, part-time employees and remote volunteers. Furthermore, accurate tracking of program expenses, as well as information sharing across various teams, present additional challenges.

BirdDog Enterprise solutions meet your needs with the following capabilities:

  • Real-time Dashboards that give each employee or volunteer a customized, permission controlled view into key information, including bank balances, assigned donor lists and more.
  • Complete Relationship Management enabling your organization to track donor history and involvement, including all previous contacts.
  • Integrated Web Capabilities to create a Web site capable of taking online donations, processing online forms, and dynamically posting content.



With BirdDog Enterprise, you receive immediate and long-term benefits:

  • Connect everyone in your organization—staff and volunteers alike—to real-time information while reducing IT costs.
  • Manage and raise donations by leveraging relationship management tools that allow you to assign donors to staff and track all interactions more effectively.
  • Create a high-end Web presence with robust capabilities that facilitate rich online interactions.

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