Simplify the sale with online product configuration.

Ordering some items are not as straight forward as simply 'Add to Cart'. Often 'I want it' is followed by a game of 20 questions. 'What size hard drive did you want…the 300 GB standard, or the optional 500 GB or 750 GB? The unit comes with 4 GB of RAM…would you like to order the 6 GB or 8 GB option? What color? How about warranty? etc., etc.' The end result is a computer customized to your request, one of potentially thousands of unique model permutations. Without Configurator the order process is slow, prone to error and requires a product expert to guide your customer through the selection process. With Configurator added to your Ecommerce site you will empower every sales person, customer service rep, dealer and distributor to become a product expert, making it easy for buyers to buy from you and CSR's to create orders!

Simplify delivery with Bill Of Materials created based on your customers order.

The Configurator is based on your make-to-order Feature Options Items. Efficiently sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. If your business uses Feature Option Items, this is your much anticipated solution. Take it to the web now and simplify your sales process with this powerful module from BirdDog!

Your customers and your Customer Service Reps will love the Simple to use web interface!