Batch Capture Credit Card Orders


This process captures the final invoice amount against the original Authorization using the following logic:

  • If the Invoice amount is less than or equal to the Authorization, Capture the Invoice amount against the original Authorization.
  • If the Invoice amount exceeds the original Authorization, attempt to capture the full amount of the invoice.  If this is successful, void the original Authorization. 
  • If we have multiple Authorizations against the order (typically this occurs because of a change to the order after the original Authorization), attempt to capture the full amount of the invoice.  If this is successful, void the original Authorizations. This step aims to make the charge the customer sees on their credit card statement match the invoice amount. 
  • If we cannot capture the full amount, Capture the original Authorization(s) and then attempt to capture the difference. This can occur because something was added to the order after the original authorization or the authorization has expired.

You can capture all credit cards for selected orders in one step, using Enterprise for Windows.

  • Go to Processes | Credit Cards | Capture Selected Orders
  • Enter the order numbers you want, or leave the fields blank to get them all 
  • For an order to be captured it must meet the following criteria:
    • The order is selected
    • The order has a credit card authorization or the customer has saved credit cards
    • The order total is greater than zero
    • Any existing payments are less than the selected total
    • The order's terms are marked as credit card (Enterprise>System Managment>Accounts Receivable>Terms Codes>Credit Card is checked)
  • Print your Capture Report, or Print to File, as you prefer, but DO NOT skip this step, you will need these reports for accounting purposes.
  • Review your report immediately for any orders that were not captured and address them appropriately.

Done. You are ready to print invoices and post them.

Please note, you cannot run this capture process after orders have been posted.