Capture Individual Credit Card Orders


Transactions>Credit Cards>Capture Credit Card

  • Order No: Type in Order Number and CreditCard Deluxe will pull all the information from that Macola order.
  • Card # - If customer has saved CCs on file, you can select from those in DDL. Alternately you can populate a new card number here and even save it to the customer.
  • Amount to Capture: By default, this shows amount remaining to pay, but can be manually adjusted if, for example, the customer is doing a down-payment
  • Merchant Acct to Use: If you have multiple accounts, can select appropriate.

Logic for calculating freight:

  • If you have the freight license then use the freight module to calculate an estimate (Freight label says "Freight Estimate")
  • Else if the order has a freight amount use that value (Freight label says "Freight from Order")
  • Otherwise use the order sub total multiplied times the freight pay code credit card percentage (Ent Win > Maintain > Freight > Pay Codes...) (Freight label says "Freight Estimate @ ...%")