Pay A/R Invoice


Transactions>Credit Cards>Pay AR Invoice



  1. Deposit # - Choose the A/R Deposit you wish the payment to be applied to, or choose <New Deposit> to have it created for you.  If you are recording multiple Credit Card payments, make sure and use the same deposit for all of them.
  2. Invoice No. - enter the Invoice # you wish to Credit the payment against. The open amount of the invoice will be displayed near the bottom of the form in the Open Amount field.
  3. Card # - If customer has saved CCs on file, can select from those in DDL. Alternately can populate a new card number here.
  4. CVC - enter the CVC code.
  5. Expiration Month - enter the Expiration Month.
  6. Expiration Year - enter the Expiration Year.
  7. Save this Credit Card Information for this customer. Check mark box to retain card number on file. (CVC code will not be saved).
  8. Enter customer information requested in the next few fields.
  9. Amount to Pay - Enter Amount of the payment.
  10. Click the PAY button.
  11. Credit Card Deluxe will attempt to pay the amount; if successful the amount will be posted to the credit card company and written to the Deposit you choose earlier.
  12. Finalize the transaction by going to Macola | Accounts Receivable | Trx | Cash Receipts | Post Receipts.