Return A/R Invoice


This process assumes that you originally processed the Order with a Credit Card payment in Credit Card Deluxe and then subsequently issued a Credit Memo against the Invoice, and the Customer now has a negative balance on that Apply To. For example, you invoiced the Customer for $500 paid with a Credit Card. You then issued a $200 Credit against the Invoice. In A/R this would look something like this:

Doc # Apply To # Doc Type Amount
12345 12345 I 500.00
9876 12345 P -500.00
13853 12345 C -200.00

At this point you would be ready to Refund the A/R Invoice, which will create a negative Cash Receipt against the Invoice.

Transactions>Credit Cards>Return AR Invoice

  1. Choose the A/R Deposit you wish the cash to be applied to, or choose to have it created for you
  2. Type the Invoice # you wish to Refund against
  3. Click the Trx that you wish to apply the Refund to (This is where we get the previous Capture Trx)
  4. Enter the Amount to Refund
  5. Click Refund
  6. The system attempts to refund the previous Credit Card Trx; if successful, it writes a negative Cash Receipt into A/R Cash receipts against the Deposit ticket you choose earlier.
  7. You will now need to post the Cash Receipt in Macola.