In a world of data-driven websites, Product Information Management (PIM) is an absolute must. While almost every distribution and manufacturing company uses an ERP to handle its inventory, they are simply not made to handle rich marketing data. Permit an example: 

Without PIM

With PIM

These are 2 different versions of the same product pulled from our ERP. The first one is unchanged from the ERPs information. The second is improved with PIM.

Rich product information is not just a nice thing to have, it is a requirement to compete in today's market. Product Information Management is the single source of truth from which all your storefronts pull their marketing information.

While your marketing material is not stored in your ERP, this does not mean that your products should be disconnected. PIM works in tandem with our connector software. Your products and pricing will be sent from your ERP to the website, and then improved with PIM based on the rules set by you. 

Enrich your product pages with traits such as:

  • Images
  • Expanded description limits
  • Custom fields
  • Easy-to-use category control

  • Unlimited Product Attributes - Store every bit of information relevant to your product. Manage hundreds or thousands of attributes with names that make sense to your business.
  • Simple or Complex Attributes -
    Manage single values such as:
      Color: Red, Green, or Blue
    Manage hierarchical values such as:
      Apparel & Accessories
      • Clothing
      • • Dresses
    Manage multiple values such as:
      Automotive Parts
      • GMC
      • • Yukon
      • • • 2012
      • Chevy
      • • Tahoe
      • • • 2012
  • Single Source of Data for Every Channel - Keep all your product data in one place, and stop the spreadsheet madness.
  • Sophisticated Security - Give everyone in the company just the access they need to get their job done.
  • Web-based - Grant anywhere/anytime access for every stakeholder, no matter where in the world they work.
  • Handles ALL of Your Items - Manage thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of products, with easy one-off edits or massive imports.