Slice and dice your sales data with Sales Manager Console

Pulls directly from your database and gives you access to a variety of useful sales reports and analysis.
Booking Analysis
This report is used to show sales by sales person against goal for any time period. The report shows both revenue dollars and sales order details. It gives week to date, month to date, quarter to date, and year to date performance reporting.
As shown, booking reports can be done for
  • specific date ranges
  • product categories
  • customers
  • sales personnel 
  • order # range
Invoicing Analysis

The reports your Sales Department and Executive team need access to...anyplace...anytime!

Run your reports by a wide range of factors and re-sort based on numerous criteria. 
"Sales Manager has been just what we needed! No more tedious manipulation of the data to get the reports we need!"
"We're saying Goodbye to Excel and Hello to easy reporting on the fly!"
Sales by Order Report

         Information You Need, When You Need It.

See what open orders you have so your company can get them processed and turned into invoices.
Select your report criteria, set the parameters and get the information you need  -  immediately!