Get it shipped faster and easier. Integrate everything back to your ERP / accounting system.

BirdDog® Shipping Interface is the bridge between your shipping computers and back office accounting system.
Pick, pack and take packages to the shipping computer. Place the package on the scale and scan or key in the Order number. Shipping Address and shipping options automatically populate from the order - no re-entering data and no costly errors. Print the label and your package is on its way. At the end of day interface shipping systems (UPS WorldShip® & FedEx Ship Manager®) into your back office system.
Shipping Interface populates shipping cost, package detail, and tracking information. When using BirdDog Freight, Shipping Interface honors the original shipping quote. Shipping Interface is THE shipping solution.
Shipping Interface allows you to:
  • Batch process shipped orders at the end of the day by automatically selecting them for billing using Manifest Select
  • See tracking numbers when viewing orders and invoices