Looking to integrate a Shopify site with a supported ERP? No problem.

BirdDog Software’s Shopify Connector connects all the important details between your site and your ERP platform, automatically bringing your Ecommerce orders in for fulfillment.

Connect Shopify with your ERP with near real-time updates for customers, product details, inventory, pricing, orders, order history, tracking and shipping information, notifications, and invoices.  Our Shopify Connector will pull orders directly into your ERP, so you don't have to rekey them manually.  Expand item information with our Product Information Management system for a single source of truth.  Allow your ERP to push pricing and inventory to your website, allowing you to change data in only one place.  Our software allows you to provide the customer with more accurate data and provides customer service with helpful order information.  

ERP Integration points include:

  • Product Detail
  • Rich Item data (If using Product Information Management)
  • Inventory Availability
  • Customers
  • Pricing
  • Order History
  • Tracking Info
  • Shipping Notifications

Supports a multitude of ERP platforms.  Don't see your ERP?  Contact sales@birddogsw.com about custom programming.

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