Create PO from Order - Macola Setup


Perform the following steps in Macola to setup auto creating a purchase order for an order with a dropship item.

This is for ES.

Turn on Purchase Order Creation

  • System>Package Settings>Distribution>Order Entry Setup
    • Create Purchase Orders: R=Released

Create Location

  • System>Distribution>Inventory Management>Inventory Locations
    • Create a location for the dropship item

Create Ship-To Code

  • System>Distribution>Purchase order>Ship-to Codes
    • Create a Ship-to code for the location created in the previous step
    • Drop Ship Code: Checked

 Assign Default Ship-to Code (Optional)

  • System>Package Settings>Distribution>Purchase Order Setup
    • Ship-To Code: Set to Ship-to code to code from previous step

Assign Item Location

  • BOM & IM>Items>Maintenance
    • Assign the dropship location as the "Primary" location for the item
    • Go to "Purchasing" tab
      • Create PO from O/E: "Y=User Interface Required"

Placing Order

  • After adding item to order, change the location to the dropship location
  • Click Save
  • "Create Purchase Order" window appears
  • Verify info
  • Click OK
  • You can see the PO# by going to the order in Enterprise (Customer Service>Order Search)
    • It's in the "Ord Rep No" column for that line item

Below is the Macola help doc for this:

Revision Date: 06/24/2013

Module: OE/PO

Version: ES 9.5.XXX

Description: How can we create drop shipments for our OE to PO items?

Solution: The OE to PO Integration allows you to create regular purchase orders or drop ship type purchase orders. Regular purchase orders ship to you but, a drop ship type purchase order ships directly to your customer. The drop ship purchase orders created from O/E will ship directly to the customer on the original O/E order.

To create drop ship purchase orders from O/E, you need to perform specific set up steps. The Create PO from O/E field in the Item Master record controls how and if you can create a purchase order from an O/E order for each item. This field must be set to User Interface Required (Y) for any item (BOM & IM> Items> Maintenance> Purchasing), you want to push Drop Ship purchase orders from O/E.

Next, you will have to define a Ship-To Code in Ship-to Codes Maintenance (System> Distribution> Purchase order> Ship-to codes), to use for drop shipments for any location for which you will create Drop Ship purchase orders. Activate the Drop Ship check box in the Ship-To Codes Maintenance application for each of these codes.

If there is no drop ship ship-to code defined then you can create a new code on the fly. When the User Interface screen opens you can click the search on the Ship-To code field and if the code does not exist already click New. This will open the Ship-to Code Maintenance and a new code can be added.

After setting up your items and Ship-To Codes, you can create Drop Ship purchase orders from O/E. When you enter the customer order, Macola ES will display the Create Purchase Orders - Vendor Info screen, where you can edit Vendor, Ship-To, and Quantity information for the purchase order before it is created. For a Drop Ship purchase order, you will enter a Ship-To Code marked as Drop Ship in Ship-To Codes Maintenance.

Finally, you will print the Drop Ship purchase order using the Print Purchase Orders application instead of printing the order from P/O Entry. The Print Purchase Order application allows you to specify Form 15 for an individual order. If you print the order from P/O Entry, the order will print with Ship-To Code address as the ship to and the order will not drop ship to your O/E customer. Form 15 is identical to the stock purchase order form, except that the customer's address from the O/E Header prints as the shipping address on the purchase order.

After printing, Drop Ship type purchase orders pushed from O/E behave as any Drop Ship purchase order created directly from Purchase Order Entry.