Order Rules


Order Rules are specialized settings that can be applied en masse to all orders.  For example, say you want to give any customers who buy "Widget A" free shipping for that particular item, or perhaps they'll get a percentage off the order, or even a specific dollar value, etc.  How would you do this, you ask?

First, we need to create an order rule for the item.  In this case, we're going to give Cable 7F free freight.

  1. Log into the Dashboard of your site (an admin login is obviously necessary here.)
  2. Navigate down to System Management.
  3. Click on Order Rules.
  4. This brings up a new window where you essentially have three options: add a new order rule, edit an existing order rule, or put an existing order rule on hold.
  5. Next, you're brought to the meaty page: 

On this page, we apply the appropriate information as necessary:

  • Description - Name this rule something appropriate.
  • Start/End Date - Use this in case this is a limited time event.  Otherwise, leave it as it appears when initially generated by click on new.
  • Sort Order - This is only important if you have multiple rules that overlap or potentially contradict one another.  Low sort orders come first.
  • Item Number - Enter the item number if its going to be relevant.  Disregard if its not.
  • On Hold - Suspends order rule activity if checked.
  • Triggers - Here's where it gets interesting.  In the pop-up, there are two important elements: the Trigger (dropdown list) and the Criteria.  Select the appropriate Trigger in the dropdown list.  Choose a specific item that applies to your situation.  In our free freight example, we're choosing "Item_no on order" and then plugging in the item - CABLE 7F - in the criteria.  Thus, this only triggers if Cable 7F is added to the order.
  • Results - This is where we identify what actually happens when the trigger is present.  Select the appropriate item in the Result dropdown list.  For our example, we've selected "Free Freight on Items".  The Criteria is used in case you selected something like "Dollar Amount Off"; you'd put the dollar amount here.

Once you are satisfied with the order rule you've made, LOG OUT of the Dashboard and Log Back in - order rules are cached for performance reasons.