How it works


The BirdDog Amazon Connector monitors your data for updates (add, change, or delete) and sends that to Amazon while also monitoring Amazon for new orders.

New orders placed on Amazon will go through the following workflow:

  1. New Order is placed on Amazon
  2. Amazon Connector downloads the Order
  3. The sales order is invoiced and posted
  4. Amazon Connector notifies Amazon that the order has been shipped and uploads any tracking numbers

Note: The item/location to use will come from the location set on the connector, if the item does not have this item/location than the item's default location will be used.

The following data is uploaded to Amazon:

  • Basic Item data
    • Item Number -> Variant.SKU
    • Do we have a UPC?
      • Yes
        • UPC
      • No
        • You must have an exemption to support uploading items without a UPC
        • bundle -> GTIN Exemption Reason
    • A_GEN_TAX -> Product Tax Code
    • Is the Item Active or Forecasted?
      • Yes
        • Activity Date -> Launch Date
      • No
        • Activity Date -> Discontinue Date
    • Do we have Cube Dimensions?
      • Yes
        • Cube Dimensions -> Length, Width, and Height
      • No
        • Weight Calculated -> Package Weight
    • Item.OEM Vendor Name or Connector Account.Default Manufacturer -> Manufacturer
    • Item.OEM Vendor Item Number or Item.Item Number -> Manufacturer Part Number
    • Weight Calculated -> Item Weight
  • Rich Item data (If using Product Information Management)
    • Meta Keywords -> Search Terms
    • Amazon Product Classification or Connector Account.Default Amazon Product Classification
    • Short Description -> Title
    • Long Description -> Description
    • Item.Brand or Connector Account.Brand  -> Brand
    • Condition Type
    • Packages Per Item -> Item Package Quantity
    • Total Unites -> Number of Items
  • Item Pricing
    • Item Number -> SKU
    • Price based on customer type from Connector Customer Type -> Standard Price
  • Item Availability
    • Item Number -> SKU
    • Fulfillment Latency set to 1
    • Stocked Items
      • Quantity Available -> Quantity
      • Available To Promise (ATP) -> Restock Date
        • Only sent if Quantity Available is zero
    • Non Stocked Items
      • Available set to true
  • Item Images
    • Item Number -> SKU
    • Main -> Image Type
    • Site Setting.URL and Largest Image Path -> Image Location

The BirdDog Amazon Connector monitors Amazon for new Orders and downloads them:

  • Download from Amazon to your ERP:
    • Order
      • All orders with a status of Unshipped and Partially Shipped are downloaded (Orders with a status of Canceled are ignored)
      • New orders with a status of shipped are downloaded as an I-Type order
      • Connector Order Type -> Type
      • Order Entry Next Customer Number -> Number
      • Connector Customer Number -> Customer Number (which defaults all of the billing information)
      • Purchase Date -> Date
      • Shipping Address -> Ship To
      • Purchase Order Number -> PO Number
      • Amazon Order ID -> Comments
      • Buyer Name, Email, and Phone Number -> Comments
      • Payment -> Payment
      • Connector Location -> Location (if set, otherwise comes from the Amazon Customer)
      • Connector Terms -> Terms (if set, otherwise comes from the Amazon Customer)
      • Connector Sales Person-> Sales Person (if set, otherwise comes from the Amazon Customer)
      • Connector Ship Via -> Ship Via (if set, otherwise comes from the Amazon Customer)
      • Amazon Customer Tax Code / Schedule-> Tax Code / Schedule
    • Order Line
      • Seller SKU -> Item Number
      • Quanity Ordered -> Quantity Ordered
      • Item Price -> Price

The BirdDog Amazon Connector monitors your ERP for Orders that were download from Amazon and have since been fulfilled:

  • Orders that have been invoiced but not posted
  • Orders that have been posted (just in case they were missed by the previous pass)

Orders Cancelled on Amazon

  • If the order has not been downloaded it will be ignored
  • If the order is in a booked status then it will be deleted and a warning displayed that it was cancelled.
  • If the order is in any other status then we'll add *** Order Canceled on Amazon! *** to the order comments and a warning will be displayed that it needs to be deleted ASAP.