How It Works


The BirdDog Magento Connector monitors your data for updates (add, change, or delete) and sends that to Magento while also monitoring Magento for new orders.

New orders placed on Magento will go through the following workflow:

  1. New Order is placed on Magento
  2. Magento Connector downloads Order
  3. The sales order is invoiced and posted
  4. Magento Connector notifies Magento that the order has been shipped and uploads any tracking numbers

The location for the order line is checked in the following Order. If the location hasn't been set or is invalid (doesn't exist in this Item's Location list) then move onto the next one:

  • Item's Sales Location
  • Location from the Order's Ship To
  • Location from the Order's Customer
  • Connector location
  • Item's default location

The following data is uploaded to Magento:

  • Item Data
    • Item Number -> SKU
    • Item Description 1 and 2 or Short Description if PIM is in use -> Name
    • Price based on customer type from Connector Customer Type -> Price
    • Item Weight -> Weight
    • Item Country of Origin -> Country of Manufacture
  • Item Default Warehouse Stock Data -> stock_item.qty
  • Item Summary Stock Data -> stock_item.qty
  • Customer and Item Price codes -> Advanced Pricing
    • Special Pricing Note: Magento does not support tier price codes except for customers. It basically only supports customer and customer item price codes, and then the flat item price.
  • Customer Data
    • Email
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Address Data

The BirdDog Magento Connector monitors Magento for new Orders and downloads them:

  • Download from Magento to ERP:
    • New Customers
    • Orders
      • Order Number set from next number in Order Entry
      • Canceled orders on the Magento side are ignored
      • Guest orders using the guest customer number from the connector
    • Order Lines