How It Works


The BirdDog ShippingEasy Connector monitors your data for updates (add, change, or delete) and sends that to ShippingEasy while also monitoring ShippingEasy for new information.

New orders generated in Macola will go through the following steps:

  1. New Order is placed on Macola and processed according to normal workflow
  2. ShippingEasy Connector uploads to ShippingEasy Macola order(s) matching status you indicated in the connector setup

Now that the order is in ShippingEasy, the connector system monitors it for changes.

  1. Order in ShippingEasy is processed to a shipment and ready to print (consult ShippingEasy for how to do this)
  2. When an order in ShippingEasy has a label ready to print or printed, the connector then dowloads that information back into Macola
    • Tracking number is written to the AR Shipping Transacation File
    • Freight amount set in ShippingEasy is written to the OE Order Header table
    • The order is set to Selected status

The following data is uploaded to ShippingEasy:

  • Order Number
  • Item Data
    • Item Description 1 and 2 or Short Description if PIM is in use -> Name
  • Order Weight
  • Is this order going to a Commercial or Residential address (if PIM is in use?)